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Transparency (Transparency)

Transparency is the openness in carrying out the decision-making process and openness in disclosing material and relevant information about the company;

Basic Principle:

To maintain objectivity in running a business, HAKAASTON provides material and relevant information in a way that is easily accessible and understood by stakeholders. HAKAASTON takes the initiative to disclose not only issues required by laws and regulations but also other important matters for decision making by Shareholders and Stakeholders in accordance with their rights.

Akuntabilitas (Accountability)

Is the clarity of the functions, implementation and accountability of the Company's Organs so that the management of the Company runs effectively.

Basic Principle:

HAKAASTON is accountable for its performance in a transparent and fair manner. For this reason, HAKAASTON strives to carry out the management of the Company in a responsible, correct, measurable and in accordance with the interests of the Company by taking into account the interests of Shareholders and Stakeholders. Accountability is a prerequisite needed to achieve reliable and sustainable performance.

Responsibilities (Responsibility)

It is the suitability of the Company's management to the prevailing laws and regulations and sound corporate principles.

Basic Principle:

HAKAASTON always strives to comply with statutory regulations and carry out responsibility for the community and the environment in order to achieve long-term business continuity and be recognized as a good corporate citizen.

Independence (Independency)

Is a situation where the Company is managed professionally without conflict of interest and influence / pressure from any party that is not in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations and sound corporate principles.

Basic Principle

To implement the principles of GCG, HAKAASTON manages the Company independently so that each Company organ does not dominate each other and cannot be intervened by other parties.


Is justice and equality in fulfilling the rights of Stakeholders that arise based on agreements, laws and regulations.

Basic Principle

In carrying out its activities, HAKAASTON always pays attention to the interests of shareholders and stakeholders based on the principle of fairness and equality.