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Portofolio PT. Hakasston

RISHA ( Rumah Instan Sederhana Sehat )

The RISHA construction project was carried out after the Lombok earthquake in July 2018. PT Hakaaston worked on as many as 97 houses using 13,283 concrete panels. RISHA is a livable and affordable house built in stages based on modules, with the time needed in the building process for each module is 24 hours by 3 workers. Because the component size refers to the modular size, the components have flexible properties and are efficient in the consumption of building materials. The houses were given to the victims of the earthquake disaster.

Portofolio PT. Hakaaston

Overlay Bandara Blimbing Sari Banyuwangi

The Blimbing Sari Banyuwangi Airport Runway Overlay project was carried out from 2017 to 2018. The overlay is an airport runway maintenance job, in this project the total production of Hotmix was 34,000 tons. In addition, HKA also received an award from Angkasa Pura II as a contractor who finished the work on time.